Access to Kyonan-machi

Train: Kyonan-machi is accessible using the JR Uchibo Line from Hota or Awa-Katsuyama stations.(Approximately one and a half hours from Tokyo by View Sazanami superExpress.)


Car: UsingHighway”Tateyama-Do” and”Futtus-Tateyama-Do getting off Kyonan-Honta IC or


Taxi Service at JR Hota station

Contact: Kyonan-taxi tel:0470-55-0239


Bus Services:Kyonan Closed-Circuit Bus Service

A Red Bus and a Blue Bus are in service.

Red Bus(From JR HOTA station to Sakuma dam)

JR Hota station    7:20,9:16,11:30,14:50,17:20

Sakuma dam


Blue Bus(From Sakuma dam to JR HOTA station)

Sakuma dam


JR Hota station



Fees: yen.

 Up to 5 sections: Adults   ¥200    Children  ¥100

 More than 5 sections: Adults   ¥300   Children  ¥150

Children are primary school kids and under.

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