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Bicycle and Pole rental services


There are many places in Kyonan Town that are suitable for cycling, and bicycles can be rented at the tourist information centers in front of JR Hota Station and Awa-Katsuyama Station.


We rent an electric bicycle for 1000 yen, a regular bicycle for 400 yen for 2 hours, and an extension of 100 yen for 1 hour. (For regular bicycles, we will keep 1000 yen in advance for deposit and give you the difference when you return it.)


It is also possible to rent a bicycle at the information center in front of Hota Station and return it at the information center in front of Awa-Katsuyama Station.


In addition, we rent a pole  for Nordic walks once a day for 500 yen. Please refrain from using it in the mountains as it is a pole exclusively for flat ground.

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