Fishermen's restaurant Banya
This is a restaurant owned and operated by a fishing cooperative. Sashimi platter, seafood rice bowl, tempura are popular. Souvenirs are also available.
Tel: 0470-55-4844
(99-5 Yoshihama, Kyonan Town, Chiba Prefecture)
Google plus code 4RJQ+MP Kyonan, Chiba
Fishermen's restaurant Nabura
Katsuyama fishermen's cooperative directly manages this restaurant. Sushi(nabura-don) and large shrimp tempura are popular. (234 Katsuyama, Kyonan Town, Chiba Prefecture) Google code 4R6H+Q3 Kyonan
Cafe Miyuki
5 minutes walk from JR Hota Station. Relaxed space with a traditional style interior. For lunch, try the curry and rice dishes as well as coffee and cream soda. Tel: 0470-55-2493 (1029 Motona, Kyonan Town, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4RVP+24 Kyonan, Chiba
Chinese food Izumiya
Located in the Hota shopping arcade. Specialities include salty Tan-men(Stir-fried Meat and Vegetable Ramen)and Gyoza.
tel 0470-55-0901
(154 Hota, Kyonan-cho, Chiba)
Google code 4RQP+RW Kyonan
Dried and aged fish Chouchinya
Each item is hand-salted one by one. In particular, the dried mackerel are so popular that they are sold out in no time at all.
Tel 0470-55-1178 Google code 4RQQ+Q8 Kyonan,Chiba
Sweets Kikkadou
Bread and Madeleine Shop. The rich taste of fresh butter madeleines has been popular for over 30 years. Summer mandarin oranges madeleines and other seasonal products are also available.
Tel 0470-55-1141
(238 Hoda, Kyonan Town)
Google code 4RQQ+P7 Kyonan,Chiba
Soba noodle Fukumoto
We have been serving substantial amounts of soba noodles in our 100-year-old secret dipping sauce. Seafood kakiage (tempura) is also available.
tel 0470-55-1034
(76 Hoda, Kyonan-cho, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4RQQ+W6 KyonanGoogle code 4RQQ+W6 Kyonan
Yakiniku Keishoen
This yakiniku restaurant is located in front of JR Hoda Station. The restaurant is popular among tourists and locals alike.
Tel: 0470-55-2796
(60 Hoda, Kyonan Town)
Google code 4RRQ+G4 Kyonan
Japanese style bar Sanaburi
This izakaya(Japanese style bar)is located in the Hoda shopping arcade. Counter seats and tatami rooms are available. Many kinds of drinks are available. Currently open only on Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. Tel: 0470-55-1377
(70-1-2 Hoda, Kyonan Town 70-1-2)
Google code 4RRQ+38 Kyonan
Sushi restaurant Shogetsu
We are a sushi restaurant located in the Hoda shopping arcade. We don't use farmed fish at all, but only wild fish and shellfish. Open from lunch. Seasonal sushi from 2,000 yen.
Tel 0470-55-1004
(66-2 Hota, Kyonan-machi, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4RRQ+67 Kyonan
Sushi restaurant Mihama
This is a long-established sushi restaurant that has been in business for over 50 years. Located along Route 127. The owner's omakase nigiri (Sushi) are priced at 3,000 yen.
Tel: 0470-55-0808
(145 Hota, Kyonan-machi, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4RRP+2R Kyonan
Seafood restaurant Yamadaya
Freshly caught sashimi, grilled fish and tempura set menus are our specialty. Lobster and turban shell sashimi are also very popular.
Tel: 0470-55-2999
(417 Okatabira, Kyonan-machi, Chiba)
Google code 4RPQ+M7 Kyonan
Butcher's shop Matsuki
This butcher shop is located next to the Hota Post Office. They serve croquettes, mince cutlets, and of course, their fried food is excellent.
Tel 0470-55-0536
(224 Hota, Kyonan Town)
Google code 4RQQ+5J Kyonan
Japanese sweets Densuke
This Japanese sweets shop is located in front of Kyonan Hospital. Yomogi Daifuku and Dorayaki are popular, and can also be purchased at Roadside Station Hota shougakkou.
Tel 0470-55-1153 (223-19 Hota, Kyonan Town)
Google code 4RQQ+2F Kyonan
Japanese cuisine Ebisuya
A Japanese restaurant with a focus on catering cuisine. Soba and udon noodles are also available. By appointment only.
Tel 0470-55-1165
(228 Hota, Kyonan-cho, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4RQQ+9F Kyonan
Japanese food Noboru
A Japanese restaurant serving mainly Kappo dishes. Fresh sashimi, mainly local fish, is popular. Also famous for its unaju (eel-jyu).
Tel 0470-55-0295
(413 Omailako, Kyonan-cho, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4RPQ+CC Kyonan
Dried and aged Fish Isabaya
A dried fish shop located along the national road about a six-minute walk from JR Hota Station. Their specialty is dried saury. We use soy sauce from Miya Shoyu in Futtsu City.
tel 0470-50-1077
(998 Motona, Kyonan Town)
Google code 4RVM+JR Kyonan
Café & Glass Workshop Kaiyugyo
The owner, who studied glass art at art college, has a keen sense of style. Home-made rice waffles and pastas are popular.
Tel: 0470-55-4004
(1082-1 Dairoku, Kyonan, Chiba)
Google code 4RFP+FC Kyonan
Restaurant Seabird Inoue
This restaurant has a wide variety of ramen. The restaurant is located along the national highway, and you can enjoy your meal while looking at the ocean. Currently closed.
(461-11 Yoshihama, Kyonan)
Sea Berth Misago
The view from this cafe and restaurant facing the Katsuyama Beach is outstanding. Big hamburgers with loco moco rice and curry with cheese are popular. Barbecue is also available in summer (reservations are required).
Tel: 0470-55-0337
(165 Ryushima, Kyonan Town)
Google code 4R8H+78 Kyonan
Chinese Seafood Restaurant  Sumiyoshi-hanten
This is a popular seafood Chinese restaurant located in the Katsuyama area. The Moyashi-soba(bean sprout buckwheat noodle), which contains so many bean sprouts that you'd think the bowl is overflowing, is a standard menu item.
tel 0470-55-0255
(430 Katsuyama,Konan, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4R6J+4G Kyonan
Café Mojiku
This cafe is located behind the Kyonan Town Hall. There are retro and cute goods in the cafe, and you can enjoy the time while waiting for your meal. The owner is from Okinawa, and they serve delicious Okinawan food. Shaved ice is a popular dessert. The soft and fluffy ice is filled with luxurious homemade syrup.
Tel 0470-37-9098
(3457-1 Shimosakuma, Kyonan Town)
Google code 4R6P+M6 Kyonan
Sushi and Japanese cuisine Nagisa
A Japanese restaurant that prepares fresh seafood from the fishing ports of Awa Katsuyama. Selected whale dishes, such as whale bacon salad, are also popular.
Tel 0470-55-0350
(299-2118, Ryushima, Kyonan-cho, Chiba)
Google code 4R8J+2F Kyonan
Chinese Koutoku
This is a Chinese restaurant loved by the locals. The curry ramen is very popular. In addition, they also offer a wide variety of dishes such as gyoza and fried chicken.
tel 0470-55-3256
(371-1 Katsuyama, Kyonan, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4R7J+42 Kyonan
Soba Kinoya
This is a buckwheat noodle shop located along the Nagasa Kaido. The mushroom statue at the entrance of the restaurant is eye-catching. Their tempura soba noodles have a crispy batter and are delicious.
tel 0470-55-9655
(7-1 Ichihara, Kyonan, Chiba)
Google code 4VVM+59 Kyonan
Restaurant Genova
This Italian restaurant is located in the mountains. The pasta with basilico and cream cheese is delicious. Home-made smoked ham is also a popular menu item. Currently closed.
Tel: 0470-55-9727
(355-1, Ichihara, Kyonan-cho, Chiba Prefecture)
Google code 4VPR+9M Kyonan
Restaurant Michibataya
The restaurant offers a wide variety of ramen and fried rice. We also have a wide variety of snacks on the menu.
Tel: 0470-55-3407
(441-1 Shimosakuma, Kyonan, Chiba Prefecture)
Gooole code 4R4R+99 Kyonan
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